Graphology Information

Graphology is the science of analysis and interpretation of a person’s personality using a sample of their handwriting.
A qualified analyst takes into account various indicators found within a person’s handwriting.He or she will look at slant, size, spacing, pen pressure, use of margins,overall use of paper and various other individual traits that show up in every individual’s writing style.There are many uses and applications for modern handwriting analysis.Among the most important and relevant is in the assessment of potential employees or business partners.It can be helpful in setting a firm foundation from the outset.Graphology looks at the character of a person from a non-racial and non-gender specific point of view it is therefore the perfect tool to use in the current diversity of work environments and employment practices.Currently there are two known forms of handwriting analysis worldwide.They are known as the German method or “Gestalt” and the French method known as “Trait Stroke”.If one combines the two methods it gives a very clear picture of the personality of the candidate in question.Some of the characteristics that may become apparent during handwriting analysis,are related to the following characteristics found in the personality of the candidate.These include among other motivating forces,Personal dynamics,Ego strength,Defenses and controls,Intellectual style,Communication style Interpersonal style,Work style,Sales style,Management style,and red flags or potential warning indicators.