Company Profile

Nitram Integrity Verifications is a company mainly consisting of two consultants. Martin Scott and Brian Faul. Combined they have over 40 years’ experience in the security and business industry.

Martin is a voice stress analyzer with vast experience in the security and related experience. He is a highly dedicated investigator and ex member of the South African Police Services.
He has conducted numerous investigations related to all forms of criminality. Martin holds qualifications as a voice stress analyzer.

Martin is registered with the American Polygraph and Voice Stress Association (APAVSA)


Brian comes from a vast and varied background in human resources, psychology, profiling and corporate training. Brian is a certified handwriting analyst and holds two qualifications as certified handwriting analyst from top schools in the USA.Brian holds a degree in psychotherapy from IBAM.

Brian is registered with the American Handwriting Analyses Foundation as a Certified Handwriting Analyst.
Together they make a formidable team in aiding your company with selecting only the top candidates.